Trick The Eye: Changing Dimensions In A Home

Most houses we buy will not look like our dream houses. We’ll be lucky if we get one in an ideal neighbourhood, let alone one that actually looks like the house we dreamed of. By the time most people are old enough to own a house, their ‘dreams’ will have shrunk to fit their budgets too.

Some people opt to build their own houses. Then they can choose the concrete flooring in Sydney, carpenters, electric technicians, plumbers, overall construction workers and managers that will work on their home and adjust their plans accordingly. However, not everyone can afford that. If your house does not have the dimensions you want then you can fool visitors into believing it does by using the following techniques:

Larger Floor Space

If you live in a cramped house with little floor space, leave the floor as uncluttered as possible. Remove all furniture from the middle so that there are wide open spaces. Use polished concrete at Central Coast instead of tiles or carpets because the shine on the floor coupled with the lack of clearly defined lines cutting across it will make the floor space seem bigger than it actually is. Carpeting absorbs all the light while a smooth surface will reflect it, making the space seem bigger and brighter. The lighter the colour of the floor is, the bigger it will seem.

If you feel the house you just rented is too big, or you have embarrassingly few possessions to fill up the house then you will have to make the place seem smaller. Darkening the windows using blinds, curtains or just plain shutters can be very effective. Artificial lighting as opposed to natural lights can also help cover nooks and crannies using a soft glow. Rugs and carpets of dark colours also eat up light and can ‘cut’ a space into sections, thereby making any place seem smaller. Lots of fussy furniture and ornaments also make a room look smaller. If you want your bedroom to look smaller, try draping some fairy lights around the bed stead, or have lots of posters on the wall.

If you live in a studio apartment then the ceiling will probably be a little too low for your liking. To make your room seem taller, have a couple of prints or pictures on your wall that are tall; patters that stretch from top to bottom and landscapes that depict more vertically than horizontally will automatically make your wall look taller, thus making the room look taller too. If your walls can be papered, then vertical stripe wallpaper can also help elongate a room, as well as taller furniture instead of things like ottomans and bean bags.