Need For Lighting And Power In New Developments

With cities expanding at a rapid rate, construction seems to be happening in areas where basic civic facilities such as electricity provision and water supply are not present. In some cases, roads may not even be present let alone the street lights. This means that most construction sites in such areas would require power generation to power all the facilities on the site as well as create lighting. Such construction sites tend to function throughout the day and throughout the night as well. Although there may not be a need for artificial lighting during the day as there would be sunlight, however, there will absolutely be a need for artificial lighting during the night time as without that, the construction site would not be able to function at all.

At Promac International, we have portable light towers for sale, which can be used to provide rather ample amount of lighting throughout the construction sites or can be used to illuminate the pathways and roads leading to the site. This would ensure that there are no accidents along the routes which are being used by heavy machinery. Oftentimes, due to the nature of the large machinery involved, there is a presence of blind spots in these vehicles. The problem of having blind spots can be made worse by having inadequate lighting measures. Granted, most vehicles have lights but they do not have the same effect as having the whole area lighted up by the use of artificial lights. Having the whole area lit up allows the driver to be better aware of his/her surroundings and hence they will be more capable in making decisions which would allow them to keep themselves, along with others on the site, safe.

The Need for Onsite Electricity Generation

These lighting facilities will need to be powered through electricity. Due to the nature of most construction sites, electricity from the local electrical grid may not always be available. It may also not be feasible to use the electricity from the power grid because of the high current draw which would require the use of large cables which may add to the cost of the project and would therefore be unfeasible. This means that usually, generators are used on site. These generators are bought on site by using vehicles to tow them. Most generators, like our 200KVA generators, have enough power output to comfortably power a construction site. This means that all the facilities on the site can be powered through a source which is present on the site itself, which reduces power losses in the cables and also prevents the need of getting long lengths of cable to transfer electricity.

At Promac International, we have a vast experience in the construction industry, so our products are designed while keeping in mind the harsh conditions which may be present on these sites. As a result, all our products are highly efficient, easy to transport and you can surely rely upon them!