4 Modern Home Trends That Are Simply Amazing

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The idea of home has changed a lot over the centuries. Houses have had different forms to reflect the times. However, for the past few decades, the idea of what can be a house has changed a lot. With a arrival of modern technology and the creativity of the people of our times, there are have emerged some seriously amazing modern housing trends that no one would have thought of. Here are some amazing modern home ideas.

Warehouse conversions

This is a favourite of many people as it reflects the modern industrial chic style very well. All over the world, there are many old warehouses that have been abandoned and these have a lot of character and are situated in some prime real estate. Rather than demolishing them, people have converted them into homes. The tall roofs, wide open spaces and exposed bricks create a very unique and stylish atmosphere.

Tiny Homes

This is a trend that is sweeping the world. There are people who live quite comfortably in forty foot shipping containers and other houses that are less than 400 square feet. Not only are these adorable, these are also cheap to build and better for the environment as they have a smaller carbon footprint. However tiny homes are not for everyone, especially big families. However, as the idea of family changes with time and real estate prices go up tiny homes are a perfect solution for many of our current problems. One of the key benefits of a tiny home is that since it’s cheaper than a regular house you can afford have luxuries that would not be possible in a bigger house.

Convertainer houses

There are shipping container sales in Melbourne all over and they are incredibly strong and cheap so obviously, people started making homes with them. Currently, there are companies that specialise in container homes. The great thing about these is that you can build a fully functioning house spending only a fraction of the time and money spent building a normal house and they do look quite modern and beautiful.

Mobile homes

With the coming of the internet more and more people have not tied to any geographical location anymore and since humans have nomadic tendencies they pack their homes along with them and travel far and wide. These range from a single young person living off a van to an entire family living in an RV. Although this might not be for everyone those who live on the road love it.Homes can be many things but as long as you’re comfortable and happy that is all that matters.

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