How Can Kitchen Soaking Tanks Help You?

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Kitchen soaking tanks are one of the most useful tools to save time as well as money in cleaning commercial kitchen equipment. It is also a value-add to your commercial kitchen, as it will help you use it efficiently to clean kitchen equipment. It is difficult to clean the carbon and grease remains that stay at the equipment. Scrubbing them off cannot be an everyday solution, as it involves spending considerable time cleaning them. And it also spoils drains which would also be costing more. Here comes the importance of soaking tanks; these are the next generation solution to help in maintaining a commercial kitchen and could reduce overall costs considerably.

About these tanks

These soak tanks Australia are filled with hot water and special type of cleaning solutions. Kitchen utensils and cookware that have to be cleaned is kept inside and depending on the greases cleaning time of the equipment vary. Usually, pans that are covered in grease and other particles need longer time to get cleaned than plates which can be cleaned in minimal time, probably one to two hours. The powders used are environment-friendly too and are without any toxic element. They are designed to fit the space of a kitchen and don’t create any space issue too.


Using these tanks means to clean kitchen equipment without spending much time, and you can employ the man hours for other tasks. These heated soak tanks always deliver better results and as they are made of stainless steel and will last for several years.
It also helps to save money by using less water for cleaning, and it would make a difference in the long-term when used frequently. This could help to operate the kitchen more efficiently along with saving lots of water, thereby saving money on water-bills.

The concentrate used to fill the tanks can be used over a long period of time. Depending on the product and usage, it needs to be replaced mostly once a month, which would help to save a lot on cleaning supplies in the long term.

Investing in these soak tanks for commercial kitchen has more advantages, as these tanks are affordable and help to save time by providing a fast and efficient way to clean a wide range of items without using cleaning products, water or manual labor repeatedly. Even, you can find such tanks designed to fit a small commercial kitchen.

They are available in many different sizes and capacities and this would be the best way to set high standards in maintaining the kitchen cleanliness.


These tanks would help in operating the kitchen in an efficient way. These are environment-friendly, and, if maintained properly, can usually last for ten years.

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